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Pomerol Partners and Conessent Consulting GmbH, have aligned to bring you the industry leaders in SAP and Qlik to create an industry leading Business Intelligence reporting and analytics suites of applications.


Pomerol Partners is a premier global Qlik Implementation Partner, providing strategic business intelligence services to the world’s largest and most progressive corporate institutions. Pomerol Partners’ partnership with Conessent Consulting is dedicated to the development of additional tools for the SAP Industry. Visit site.


Conessent Consulting is a global business and IT consulting company, specializing in the implementation of SAP ERP solutions. Conessent Consulting is based in Germany, with presence in Austria, Switzerland, Luxemburg, United Kingdom and the United States. Their biggest strength is their team of highly experienced and qualified SAP consultants with specialist knowledge in the areas of automotive, retail, logistics, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical. Visit site.

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