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Improved visibility

into your SAP ERP domain

Origin ERP is the only Enterprise BI Reporting Platform that reports across a variety of SAP Modules to deliver truly end to end business process analytics.

standalone A stand alone Business Intelligence System, Origin ERP can be deployed locally or in the cloud according to your business needs.

extract The system is designed to pull tables from SAP and creates business value driven data models for advanced analytical reporting.

Finally a solution that enables rapid analysis and insight to large amounts of data from all modules accross SAP.

bullet0 Our proven success stories include rapid deployments, massive operational cost reductions and proven business related savings well in excess of $5 million.

bullet0 We provide the long sought after insight for all job functions, from data processing, analysts – all the way through to the C-Suite level.

bullet0 Guaranteed to improve the depth and speed of visibility into your SAP ERP domain, at a fraction of the cost of traditional Business Intelligence solutions.

bullet0 The Origin ERP suite of analytical dashboards cover your key business processes – Accounts Receivable (AR), Accounts Payable (AP), General Ledger (G/L), Sales etc.

Ready for more efficient and ready-to-use SAP reporting and analytics?